If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there.
                                                                                   ~ Lewis Carroll

Where Do We Want To Go?

Determining the direction of an organization involves clarifying and aligning several key concepts: Core Values, Mission, Vision, and Strategy.   

Articulated Core Values answer the question, "What do we as an organization believe?"  Cohesiveness of action is directly related to cohesiveness of common belief.

A statement of Mission answers the question, "What is our purpose and reason for existing?"   Organizations in which everyone is clear about the group's purpose and their role in achieving it are inherently more effective than organizations lacking a clear mission.

A statement of Shared Vision answers the question, "As we pursue our Mission, where do we want to end up?"  A shared vision of the future appeals to the heart and energetically attracts the organization in a common direction.

How Do We Get There?

Business strategies answer the question, "How should we pursue our Mission on the way to achieving our Vision?"  Strategies involve tactical concepts and plans needed to achieve the organization's long term Vision. Organizational strategy must be consistent with Values, Mission, and Vision.

Positive Impact helps organizations align their collective thinking and develop tactical strategies to achieve the future envisioned by the stakeholders.